The Student Bursary is money that has been allocated to College by the Government to assist 16-19 year old students who face financial difficulties to continue in full time education. The Bursary fund is categorised as follows:-

  • A: You are entitled to a guaranteed bursary of at least £1,200 per year if you are:- a young person in care, or a care leaver, or a young person in direct receipt of income support in your own right, or a disabled student in receipt of employment support plus personal independence payment allowance. Evidence will need to be provided
  • B: If your household income is below £16,190 or you are in receipt of benefits you may be entitled to a bursary and also free school meals.  You will need to provide proof of household income or benefits.

Application forms can be downloaded along with Questions & Answers guidelines.

Click here to download application form

Click here to download Questions & Answers guidelines

Click here to download Terms & Conditions

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Bursary@Winstanley.ac.uk


If students are eligible for the bursary fund and also have a need to purchase an annual private transport permit, then you will qualify for the full cost of the yearly permit which will be organised by Student Services. If you don’t require a private permit then a weekly allowance will be made via BACS.

These payments will be dependent on good attendance, satisfactory academic progress and it is subject to the number of applications received and the funds being available.

You can apply at any time throughout the year depending on your circumstances.