There are various reasons why you may find yourself without somewhere to sleep, this maybe as a result of an argument with family or you may have been threatened with violence.  We have a member of staff who can help you find a temporary solution which may not be ideal but will give you a bit of breathing space to decide if you can return home.

If you think you may be at risk of becoming homeless please speak to Angela Gregory as soon as possible.  Whether you qualify as a homeless person for housing depends upon your individual circumstances.  Local authorities have legal duties towards people who are homeless or about to be made homeless but do not have to provide permanent housing.

If you find yourself homeless we can discuss possible options which might be:

  • staying with a friend for a couple of days until things have settled down at home
  • speaking to the housing office to find emergency accommodation for a few nights

Temporary housing is not ideal and usually most situations can be resolved and you will be able to return home.  However, if you feel you are under threat of violence or abuse and cannot return home we would involve social services to find you somewhere safe to stay.  Whatever your situation don’t try to deal with it alone!

Before you make any hasty decisions please read ‘The Living Decisions Guide’

Arena Housing
Arena offers a safe environment that provides young people with accommodation and gives them the opportunity to access training and employment opportunities all under one roof.
All sites are staffed 24 hours a day and provide IT facilities, communal lounges and training facilities in a safe and secure environment.

Eligibility Criteria (Who is this service for?)
16-25 year olds who are in housing need and who are committed to the Foyer ethos of learning and development.

How can you access this service?

Local Authority Housing Advice

West Lancashire Homelessness Prevention Team – Emergency/out of hours: 0845 371 0898
Tel: 01695 577177  Email:

Wigan Council – Emergency/out of hours: 0161 837 2436
Tel: 01942 487728  Email:

St Helens Council – Emergency/out of hours: 0845 0500 148
Tel: 01744 675150  Email: HousingAdvice+

Tel:  0808 800 4444 –
Information and advice on all aspects of homelessness/potential homelessness