Youngest Labour Councillor

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Youngest Labour Councillor


Former Winstanley student Matthew Crow has won the Coppull ward on Chorley council. At 20, he is the youngest ever Borough Councillor in Chorley and in Lancashire. Matthew has since been appointed to the Development Control Committee which approves all major development in the town and its surrounding villages.

Asked about how he felt about winning the election Matthew said: “It was fantastic to have been elected by the residents of my home village to sit on Chorley Borough Council. I’m glad people voted for a young Labour candidate. It’s an opportunity to do something a bit different for my local community. Four generations of my family live in and love Coppull.”

He added: “I have to thank politics teacher at Winstanley Elaine Mulroy for my passion for politics and for many of the skills and values that are indispensible when working in this sector.”

Matthew’s mum Lesley said: “I cannot thank Winstanley College enough for all the support you have shown Matthew and he talks fondly of you. He worked extremely hard and walked many miles to achieve this result.”

And the road to success is hard work as Matthew juggles studying for a degree in English with his political activities. He trudged the streets for 3 months at weekends campaigning, helping to fill in skips, sorting out people’s damp in their houses during free days.

Matthew’s ambition is to become Secretary of State for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. He said: “I hope to stay on in education and complete a Masters and possibly a PhD but obviously the future can decide itself at times!”

Matthew looks back fondly on his time at Wnstanley College. “It was by far the best 2 years of my experience in Education so far. I don't consider myself to be a naturally academic person but Winstanley gave all the support and encouragement I needed to really go for my A-levels. I would say it has been the pivotal moment for me so far. Staff have an incredible faith and belief in students that gave me belief in myself and as a result I am still in contact with all my tutors. I felt Winstanley was very focused on the goals ahead, I was always well-prepared by staff for exams/ essays and had more than my fair share of resources such as notes and PowerPoints which make a big difference. I learnt time management and to find reward in hard work itself. I had ample opportunities to perform in college in the many productions run by Performing Arts. I represented Winstanley at the Debating Matters Finals at the end of my first year and I finished college with 5 A grades and a merit in the Advanced Extension Award for English.”

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