Student Union

The Student Union

The Student Union all have particular jobs which include roles such as the President, Equality and Diversity Officer, Environment Officer, Social Media Officer and more. The Student Union are committed to working on behalf of the whole student body and are contactable via the contact form below.

So what does the Student Union do?

The Student Union host half termly forums to which all students are invited, providing the opportunity for them to communicate with the wider student body as well as the Senior Management Team. Thy are also involved in the organisation of various events thought the year. Freshers’ Fair comes first in September followed by events such as Winter Wonderland, Student Voice Conference, College Culture Day and Awards Evening, to name just a few.

Subject Ambassadors

The ambassadors meet with the SU and Senior Management Team to contribute ideas. This is an important link between the SU and other students, any student can be an Ambassador. You’ll be given the chance to sign up within your departments

Student Union Coordinator

The Student Union Coordinator attends any Student Union meetings as well as coordinating Student Union activity.

Student Union 2023-24

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Equality and Diversity

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Equality and Diversity

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Social Media

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Vice President

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Student Union Roles

The Presidents oversee activity events, planning and ideas, usually acting as a mediator between the rest of the Student Union body and students. The presidents facilitate communications between staff and the student body. The Presidents act as Chair of Meetings.

The Secretary takes minutes of meetings. Any member, who wishes to add to the proposed schedule of a meeting, must contact the Secretary. The Secretary produces the agenda for meetings.

The Equality & Diversity Officers
The Equality & Welfare Officers are responsible for the promotion and maintenance of the well-being of Winstanley students and will work to prevent unfair discrimination of any kind. They take an active role in relevant campaigns and awareness-raising activities in the college. The Officers act as a contact for students who require information or advice regarding equal opportunities or student issues.

Enrichment Officers
The Enrichment Officers are concerned with organizing any Student Union societal events. This will involve: updating the Enrichment calendar and ensuring all clubs and societies adhere to these guidelines; booking venues for activities and collecting half termly ‘report on activities’ from each club/society leader

Charity Officer
The Charity Officer co-ordinates the raising and distribution of The Union’s charity donations. Charity Officer is responsible for the collection of information about, and the communication with, relevant charities.

Environment Officer
The Environment Officer works towards a pleasant environment for students to work and socialise within. The Officer also promotes wider “green’ issues, both inside and outside the college. They must oversee recycling programmes within the college. They attend relevant environmental groups within the college and local community where deemed necessary, to liaise with them and report back to the meetings

Social Media Officers
The Social Media Officers are responsible for promoting and publicising relevant information to students.  This includes maintaining the Student Union on line accounts (Instagram).


Student Union

Student Union
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