Application process

Application Process

Apply to Winstanley College (Year 11 students)

The deadline for application to Winstanley was 2nd February 2024.  Late applications from Year 11 students are welcome, please complete an application form and then call admissions on 01695 628610 or email to discuss further and arrange a course discussion. 

Please note – just completing an application form does not complete your application to Winstanley College, you must contact admissions.

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Art Foundation (Post A-Level study)

Art Foundation

Year 10

Many students start to think about their life after high school as early as Year 10. Students from Year 10 are invited to our Masterclasses at the end of the year, usually at the end of June. If you’re not sure whether your school is attending Masterclasses, ask your Head of Year or email our Admissions Team on

Year 11

If you haven’t already, start to think about your options for post-16 further education and training. This could be at a sixth form college, with an employer or other training provider. There are so many opportunities open to young people, including A-Level study, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships – if you’re not sure which route to take after high school, contact your careers guidance officer.

The following Application Process explains what events to look forward to, how to apply and eventually enrol at Winstanley College between September to August.


September - November

  • Presentation in your school
    • Most of our feeder schools will have a presentation in the first half term, providing you with all of the key dates and details you need to start your application to Winstanley.
  • Prospectus
    • Collect a Winstanley College prospectus from your school or request/download a copy online and start to read about Winstanley College and the courses available.
  • Open evenings
    • Open Evenings 2023 for Year 11 students:

      Thursday 5th October

      Wednesday 18th October

      Wednesday 1st November

      Please click here to book.

For some students, this will be the first time they visit us – so make sure you come along and take the opportunity to find out more about College life, our courses and what it’s like to be a student.

  • Application
    • The easiest way to apply to Winstanley is directly through our website by completing our online application form. 
    • The final deadline for applications for September 2024 enrolment is Friday 2nd February 2024. If for any reason you can’t complete the form online, please contact admissions on 01695 628610 and they will complete your application with you over the phone.

November - February

  • Course Discussion
    • When you complete your application, you can choose a date for your course discussion. This is another opportunity to come to college and meet with our specialist team to discuss your post-16 options. You’ll be able to find out which combinations of courses might work best for you, and receive guidance on how to move on to the next stage of your career – whether it be university,  apprenticeships, sponsored degree courses or employment.  You must attend a course discussion before an offer of a place is made.
  • Course Discussion Evenings:
    • Tuesday 5th December 2023
      Wednesday 10th January 2024
      Thursday 25th January 2024
      Tuesday 6th February 2024
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday 2nd February 2024

If the dates available for your Course Discussion don’t quite work for you – don’t hesitate to email our Admissions Team on who will happily accommodate a new date.

February - July

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday 2nd February 2024

  • Applicant Evening
    • We will run an applicants evening online for students and their parents. Here, transition and pastoral leaders and former students from Winstanley will talk to you about how to prepare for making the transition from GCSE to further study. You'll also receive transport information and learn what to expect once you start in September.
  • Taster Day
    • Every student who has applied to College will be invited to join us for a Taster Day on Thursday 4th July 2024, once they have taken their GCSE examinations. Here you will be able to try out a sample lesson in your chosen subjects. You’ll be able to mix with other students from different schools, talk to teachers and start to prepare for September. Your teachers may give you reading or research tasks to carry out over the summer break to ensure you can make the best start to life at Winstanley.
  • Enrolment
    • Over the summer, students are asked to complete an online enrolment form to help the process run smoothly. You will also be emailed an appointment time for your enrolment which is usually on GCSE results day. If the date/time allocated for your enrolment doesn’t quite work for you – don’t hesitate to email our Admissions Team on to reschedule.


  • Enrolment
    • Enrolment is usually held on GCSE Results Day and the day after. It is a celebration of your achievements and a welcome to the next chapter of your academic career. Come and join us in College for your appointment where we’ll be excited to talk to you about how you’ve done in your exams, and what the future might hold for you at Winstanley. You’ll be able to finalise your place, confirm your subject choices and get everything you need to become a student here. 

Winstanley College Entry Policy

A full list of entry requirements will be published in September on the college website.

Special Consideration

Requests for special consideration should normally be accompanied by support from the applicant’s school and be made in writing to the Deputy Principal, Deborah Owen at 

Appeals for special consideration will be heard by the Admissions Panel if received before GCSE results are published. Only in exceptional circumstances is the College able to hear appeals made after GCSE results have been published. Please note that normally, the College will give preference to Year 11 school leavers.


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