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Are you thinking about your future or worried about what to do after education? Well, you need not worry, instead we can help you channel your energy into planning what you are going to do. There is plenty of support and help available at Winstanley to help you discover what is right for you and to give you the information you need to shape your future. You can discuss these options individually with your personal tutor, careers advisors and any of the Careers Hub team.

After leaving college there are four main options:                                       

  • Attending a university
  • Starting an apprenticeship or sponsored degree programme
  • Seeking employment
  • Take a gap year

As well as the Careers Hub, your local authority offer free Careers Advice. Careers Connect can support people of all ages at whatever stage of their careers journey. 

Get Support - Career Connect

Attending University

Going to university can be the most rewarding, life changing experience. Deciding where to go and what to study can be very daunting but we can help you navigate this decision. With over 160 universities and 65,000 courses in the UK, this is a big decision to make. At Winstanley our personal tutors are UCAS trained in guiding students through this process. During guidance time, students will research different universities and explore which courses are right for you.
If students feel overwhelmed and unsure during this process, our experienced Careers Advisor, Julie Tindall offers detailed and in-depth careers sessions with an action plan of ideas.

Winstanley also runs several events to support students and staff when exploring university options. Our Higher Education Event (HE) in June will inform all students about the application process, from admissions to finance. Many Universities also attend our HE Careers Fair, giving students the opportunity to speak to universities near and far. Winstanley Progression Day in June provides students with informative workshops (chosen by them) on specific HE areas.

The following resources will also support students who are considering university:

Universities | Education | The Guardian


A recent UCAS report suggested that over 40% of undergraduates are now considering an Apprenticeship or Degree Apprenticeships. The UK is currently undergoing technical reform leaving some undergraduates confused with the structure of apprenticeship qualifications.  Certain subjects lend themselves towards the apprenticeship route such as Business and STEM, however other subjects such as Art and Design are still catching up. Having said this, Apprenticeships are rapidly growing, in particular within the Health sector.

The Careers Hub is way ahead in providing the best knowledge and information on the world of Apprenticeships. We have teamed together with government organisations, apprenticeship providers and key universities who offer degree apprenticeships. The Hub has recently created a specific programme for those considering this pathway. We offer students a range of informative sessions, so they clearly understand all options available. Our programme provides the following events and activities:

  • information evenings with Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge (ASK)
  • workshops throughout the year in line with the application process
  • visits from regional apprenticeships providers such as BAE and PwC

Winstanley also hosts an annual Careers and Apprenticeship event in November with over 50 guests who can engage in meaningful conversations with our students. For more information about our range of employer encounters please see our Provider Access Policy.

Winstanley College Provider Access Policy

The following resources are useful. Please see our Careers Programme Guide for more details. 

RateMyApprenticeship: Apprenticeships, School Leaver Jobs & ReviewsAmazing ApprenticeshipsFind an apprenticeship - GOV.UK (

Higher & Degree Listing - Amazing ApprenticeshipsGetMyFirstJob | Apprenticeships, Degree Apprenticeships, Work Experience & Graduate Jobs

Seeking Employment

After two years of study, some students are ready for the world of work. Employment is also an opportunity to experience certain professions before embarking on further studies.  We can help and support you at Winstanley.

Our AEP programme also provides workshops which will prepare students to represent themselves professionally. Our Work Experience Coordinator is also available for employment searches. All students can self-refer if they need support with the following.

  • finding the right career for you
  • how to write a CV and cover letter
  • interview advice and MOCK interview practice

The following resources will also help you.

Job sectors | Going To Uni: Apprenticeships & Work Experience in the UKCareers Advice | Apprenticeships and Jobs Advice | UCAShttps://uk.indeed.com

Taking a gap year 

A gap year usually means taking a year out in between your studies, often at age 18 and after Level 3 qualifications such as A-levels. There are lots of things you could do in a gap year like travelling, working or volunteering.

Some people apply and get a place at university and then ask for their place to be deferred so that they can take a gap year. You will need to Request a deferred place when you apply:

Defered Entry To University | UCAS

A gap year can offer a great opportunity to develop personal and employability skills or to get experience working in a job area of interest or to meet people from different cultures. Also, some people use their gap year to confirm what sort of job or career they are interested in before they choose their next step. 

There are companies which will help you plan your gap year. If you want the experience of a gap year to help you plan your future career or want to use it to show potential employers' evidence of your skills or independence, then try and make sure you balance the fun elements with developing useful skills for the future. Make sure to sell what you have learned through the experience of a gap year in your applications for jobs and courses.

Make an appointment with the Careers Hub Team if you would like to discuss various options within a one to one. There are all sorts of considerations when taking a gap year. The following can help you make that decision.


Volunteer Abroad with Plan My Gap Year | #1 Most Affordable ProgramsGap year travel - Approved gap year providers - Gap year advice ( year opportunities |