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What is Art Foundation?

The Art Foundation is an introductory bridging course. It hel ps you make the transition from A-levels to specialist art and design education. It can also be used as preparation for employment.

This qualification is a one-year full-time course for creatives who are looking to broaden their practical and theoretical understanding of art and design practice as a bridging year in preparation for higher education and other progression routes.

The curriculum is designed to help you prepare a portfolio and make informed decisions about the area you might specialise in during a degree or other higher education course.

For any further information regarding the Art Foundation course, please contact Stefan Isaacson via the contact form below.

Term 1 (Exploratory)

Projects include; Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, sculpture, Textiles, Fashion, 3D Design, Installation, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Product Design, Contextual Studies, and Life Drawing.

Assessed with a formative assessment

Term 2 (Pathway)

Negotiated programme developing from individual strengths and preferences.

Preparation for progression: UCAS application and portfolio presentation.

Assessed with a formative assessment

Term 3 (Confirmation)

Final major project.

Assessed with a summative assessment (P/M/D)

End of Year Exhibition

The Art Exhibition is an integral part of the College calendar. We invite students, parents, and friends to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our students and inspire the next generation of artists.

Recent University offers and destinations

  • Goldsmiths (Fine Art, Design, Games Programming)
  • Central St Martins (Graphics, Fine Art, Product)
  • Kingston (Fine Art, Fashion)
  • Westminster (Fashion and Fine Art Mixed Media)
  • Camberwell (Fine Art Photography, Graphic Design)
  • London College of Fashion (Tailoring, Fashion, Embroidery)
  • London College of Communication (Graphic Design)
  • Edinburgh (Animation)
  • Nottingham (Fine Art, Fashion)
  • Wimbledon (Costume)
  • Falmouth (Illustration)
  • Leeds College of art (Illustration, Vis Comm, Comic and Concept Art)
  • Liverpool John Moores (Graphics, Fine Art)
  • LIPA (Theatre and Performance Design)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Fashion, Textiles in Practice, Fine Art)
  • Futureworks (Game Art)

Why take the Art Foundation course?

Art Foundation help you explore your creative abilities and decide which areas interest you most. They can help you get into university, as many universities prefer you to study the Art Foundation before applying, although they often won’t specify it as an essential qualification. Art Foundation can also be useful if you’re looking to study Architecture at university.

Advantages of studying at a Sixth Form College

  • Universities don’t mind where you studied the course, so Art Foundation from all colleges and universities carry equal value on an application form
  • Your teachers will have a better idea of the branch of art and design that most interests you
  • You’re more likely to live local meaning you can live at home and save on living costs

What financial support is there?

If you’re not eligible for fee-free tuition, the 19+ (formerly 24+) Advanced Learner Loan offers financial support to help with the cost of tuition. The loans are non-means-tested and start at £300. The scheme also has a bursary fund which offers means-tested support for those who need it. For full details, check out the government's official Advanced Learner Loan page

Advanced Learner Loan

Art Foundation

Art Foundation
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