Careers Programme

Our Careers Programme is delivered by individuals with the right skills and experience and provides our students with the advice and guidance they need to make an informed choice about their future and the destination they progress to after their time at Winstanley College.

A summary of what we offer can be found below and full details of what our Careers Programme includes can be found in our Published Careers Programme. This information is reviewed annually and is next due for review in November 2023.

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance at the college strives to continue to maintain the achievement award of all eight Gatsby Benchmarks in December 2021. Details of the Gatsby Benchmarks are included in the Department for Education statutory guidance for schools and guidance for further education colleges and sixth form colleges (published September 2022)

Careers statutory guidance

Careers Programme

LMI For All: Find out how Labour Market Information can be useful in informing decisions about next steps beyond Winstanley College


We have a comprehensive careers programme at Winstanley College which we are sure will equip you with the knowledge to make a decision about your future. During your time at Winstanley College, you will have the opportunity to hear from a range of employers and providers, every student will have the opportunity to go on work placement during WoW (World of Work) week and you will have access to a fully qualified Careers Adviser and be able to speak to them on a one-to-one basis.

For more information, please see our Published Careers Programme.


We will welcome you as a Winstanley Parent at our New Parents’ Evening which takes place at the start of the autumn term. At this event, you will have the opportunity to meet the members of staff that assist in delivering our Careers Programme.

You will hear about how you as a parent can get involved in WoW (World of Work) week and how you can access information about labour markets and future study options to inform your support to your son or daughter.

All this information will continue to be available via the Parent Portal and full details of what our Careers Programme includes can be found in our Published Careers Programme. Please see also learned research referencing the importance of parents and significant others in next destination choices among young people.

The role of parents in providing career guidance

Researching Labour Markets

Young people today face more choices about their future than ever before, with an increasingly competitive job market and rising University fees. This makes it all the more important to make the right choices for their education and employment. We provide help and support with these decisions in college, but parents and families, as the people who know our students best, also have an important role in the process. Below are some useful sources of information around career planning to help support your young people.

Some food for thought is contained in this research by the Institute of Public Policy Research

Institute of Public Policy Research

Employers / Providers

Throughout the year we operate a programme of talks where employers and providers are able to come in and speak to our students directly. Our students will be keen to hear about the types of skills and qualities which will make them suited to a particular field of work or role, along with the qualifications required and the common routes of entry.

Aside from our programme of talks, we also host an annual Careers Event which sees around thirty-five of the most significant employers in the region come into college to participate in a Careers and Apprenticeship Fair. Student attendance and feedback is always excellent. Employers

regularly comment on how Winstanley students stand out as being particularly well briefed beforehand and ask them meaningful questions.

Our annual HE event sees a wide range of providers come into college to speak with students about the range of courses available, sponsored degree routes and university accommodation.

Finally, as part of our Careers Programme we offer all our students the opportunity to visit the workplace. This work placement can take different forms and is flexible to suit both the student and the employer.

For more information please see our Provider Access Information

Provider Access Information



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