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Supracurricular activities allow you to take the subjects you study in the classroom beyond what your teacher has taught you or what you have done for homework. Below are some examples of the activities we offer:

Audition Preparation

If your course at University requires an audition, all the support you need will be provided at Winstanley College. We have many experienced staff who will be able to guide you through the process of preparing for an audition to ensure that you are successful.

3D Printing Club

Are you interested in engineering, learning to use new technology or a career in design? If so, you can come along to 3D Printing Club to gain new skills and make lots of fantastic objects using our 3D printers.

Biology Book Club

Biology is a vast subject that can't possibly be covered by the A-level specification, so to allow students to extend their knowledge and read books about their specific interests, there is a Biology book club. From mushrooms to climate change, each half term you will read a book chosen by the members and discuss it fortnightly with other Biology students.

Chemistry Book Club

If you love Chemistry and want to know more, then you can join Chemistry Book Club. Chemistry Book Club meets fortnightly to discuss a book that is chosen by the members of which will explore exciting discoveries in Chemistry.

Crime Club

This enrichment is for students interested in the psychology behind crime and how crimes are solved. In Crime Club, you will explore the psychology behind serial killers, how forensic science is used in solving crime and how this then translates into the criminal justice system. This is an excellent enrichment opportunity for Criminology students.

Dance Workshops

Winstanley College works with Winstanley Alumni, professional companies and universities who come in to run workshops with our Dance students. Dance students are able to ask about careers in dance and learn what is needed to successfully become dancers.

Debating Society

One of Winstanley College's oldest societies, Debating Society has always been an important part of Winstanley culture. In Debating Society, students will be able to participate on the panel to hone their debating skills and to discuss issues that are important to them. This enrichment is an excellent opportunity for any Politics students or students who are wishing to go into a legal or political career.

Economics Club

If you're interested in how Economics has affected Thatcherism, the Industrial Revolution, asset bubbles and speculative manias, then this is the club for you. As part of Economics club, you will have the opportunity to take part in essay writing competitions and the World Economics Cup to improve your Economics knowledge and communication skills.

Film Academy

Are you interested in the different genres of films, films as an art form and the technical workings behind films? If you are, then Film Academy is the perfect enrichment for you. In Film Academy you will watch great films and then have opportunity to discuss the films with other students to further your knowledge of film production.

French Essay and Poetry Competition

Are you interested in travelling? Are you looking to work in an international company? Do you want to stand out from the crowd on your university or job application? Completing French essays and poems will allow you to immerse yourself in French culture and gives you an opportunity to develop your communication skills, your confidence in French, and enhance your employability skills.

GAIA (History and Earth Sciences)

If you are a Humanities student then you will have the opportunity to join GAIA. GAIA combines History, Geography and Geology and as part of the society you will have guest speakers coming to speak to you about current research in the Humanities, the opportunity to discuss subjects within the Humanities with your peers. Each subject has its own selection of related enrichment and we have a magazine written, edited and published by members of the History Society.

Teachers within the History Department were incredibly impressed with the hard work and dedication shown to the project by those involved, and would like to commend them for their commitment.

Check out the latest issue of the GAIA Society Magazine below!



Gresham College Oracy Competition

The college encourages students to enter the Gresham college Oracy competition to improve their oracy skills and gain valuable experience needed for a university degree. As part of the competition, you will complete research on a topic on your choice and make a 5 minute video of you speaking about that topic. If your video is successful you can then go down to London to pick up a prize.

Jazz Jam Sessions

Are you the proud owner of a trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, sousaphone, piano or any other instrument and would like to play jazz with other like-minded musicians? Then this is your opportunity! Come along and have a go at playing jazz standards, trying different arrangements and improvising your own solos.

Lab Lunches

Do you love practical's but you're frustrated because you can't do one every lesson? Then come along to Biology lab lunches where will find out what lurks in moss, enhance your microscopy skills, improve how you carry out a dissection and find out 'Who killed holly leaf miner?'

Mathematical Olympiad for Girls

Women are very under represented in STEM professions, particularly in Maths and Physics, so at Winstanley College we make sure that girls get the chance to enter the Maths world. As part of this, any girl who is studying Maths will have the chance to take part in the Mathematical Olympiad for Girls and gain some extra certificates to help with your application to University.

Mock Trial

A mock trial will help you to understand how the law touches every aspect of your life, gaining an insight into how the legal justice system works. You are encouraged to think critically, build arguments and build your self-confidence. During the session you will look at how criminal trials are carried out and focus on each of the roles within the Crown Court.


Do you like solving mind-bending mathematical brain teasers? Can you and your friends untangle some fiendish puzzles? Would you like a chance to use your mathematical skills to win some great prizes? Then Mathsbombe is for you! Mathsbombe is aimed at Year 13 students that enjoy solving puzzles and testing their Maths skills to a high level.


Are you a future medicine, dentistry or veterinary student? If so, we can offer you all the support you need. At Winstanley College, we have dedicated, experienced members of staff who can help you gain the experience you need and to make application stand out to gain a place at medical school.

For more information about our MDV Programme please visit our website page by following the link below:

MDV Programme

Monologue Performances

Some of the most powerful performance pieces are monologues. At Winstanley College, you have the opportunity to perform your own monologue performances with the direction of our excellent drama department.

Music Theory Classes

If you are studying A-level Music and you want to take your musical studies further, you will need a qualification in Music Theory. In these sessions, you will have the opportunity to study the ABRSM Music Theory grades to allow you progress onto any Music course at University.

Music Supervised Student Led Ensembles and Performances

Are you a budding musician and want the opportunity to form a band, group or ensemble? During this enrichment, you will work with other students to twist classic anthems by changing genres and learn new styles on your instrument. This enrichment is a great way to develop your own skills as a musician and also allows you to build collaborative skills with other artists.

National Theatre

If you want the opportunity to tread the boards then National Theatre is for you. Working with the Drama department alongside the National Theatre you will have the opportunity to develop, explore and rehearse scripted work.

Operation Diagnosis

This is the perfect super curricular opportunity for any potential medical and veterinary students. In Operation Diagnosis you are given a scenario every half term where you have to find out what is ailing your patient and what tests you would need to run to find out what is causing a patient's symptoms.


Have you thought about studying at Oxford or Cambridge? At Winstanley College we have a dedicated Oxbridge Coordinator to help you with your application and supra-curricular activities in every subject to ensure that you can gain the skills you need to gain a place at either Oxford or Cambridge.

To find out more about our extensive Oxbridge Programme follow the link below:

Oxbridge Programme


If you have something you would like to discuss with your peers and would like the opportunity to record in Winstanley College's radio studio then come along to Podcasting. Podcasts have covered a wide range of subjects from Politics to Biology, so you can have a go at presenting a podcast on whatever subject you would like to.

To hear the latest Winstanley Podcast follow the link below:

Winstanley Podcasts

Preparation for MAT, STEP or TMUA

If you're a mathematics student aiming to study Maths at Oxford or Cambridge then you can find all the support you need in the Maths department. As part of the application process, you will take part in sessions that will help you understand what will be on the paper and how to answer the questions, so that your university application is the best that it can be.

Rock Bands

If you like rock and love playing rock music then there are lots of opportunities to join or form your own rock band. You can play your favourites, write your own songs and perform them during Winstanley College's lunchtime and evening concerts.

Psychology Extra

Are you interested in how the mind works or how society has been impacted by certain events? If so, you can join psychology extra, where each week you will take part in activities, be visited by a speaker or watch films that are related to what you have learn in social sciences.

Science Olympiads

Biology, Chemistry and Physics all offer students the opportunity to complete an Olympiad during their time at Winstanley College. To complete the Olympiad, students will sit an exam and will then be awarded a prize on how well they do. Previous students who have won gold and silver in the Olympiads have been invited to meet scientists and to awards dinners.

Senior Mathematical Challenge

Maths students at Winstanley College will have the opportunity to take part in the UKMT Senior Mathematics Challenge. As part of the challenge the Maths team will provide sessions for you to prepare for the Mathematics Challenge and we have had many successful past students gaining gold, silver and bronze.

Social Sciences Film and Lecture Club

Are you interested in how the mind works or how society has been impacted by certain events? If so, you can join Social Sciences Film and lecture Club, where each week you will be visited by a speaker or watch a film that is related to what you have learnt in social sciences.

The Academy (Computer Science)

For any students who would like to learn more about how to programme computers and coding, you can attend the Computer Science Academy. In computer science academy, you will learn to programme in different languages to create a variety of software applications.

The B Word (Biology Journal Club)

Science communication is incredibly important to keep everyone informed of changes in Science. If you're a budding science journalist then why not write a piece about something that interests you for 'The B-Word' Winstanleys Biology journal club

We have a small group of very committed Biology students who research, author and edit this journal three times each year. They choose a theme for each edition of the journal and then go to research their topic. Sometimes they interview a scientist about their role and write up the interview.

The first two editions of the year are edited and led by Upper Sixth students, who then hand over to the Lower Sixth students who then edit the summer edition.

The B-Word Biology Journal Spring Edition​  

Winstanley Reading Club

Are you secretly wishing you had taken English Literature? Are you having withdrawal symptoms from a lack of books in your life?Are you a literature student who wants to read even more? If the answer to these questions is yes, then this is the enrichment for you. In the club, you will discuss the impact of some of the greatest authors you have never been taught, using their words to reflect on the world around you and to discuss the issues at hand.

Winstanley TV

Winstanley TV gives you the opportunity to work in Winstanley College's very own TV studio to produce, rehearse and film your own television shows. Students can take part in presenting or working behind the camera to find out what it's like to work in a broadcasting team.

Winstanley Waffle Magazine

This enrichment is for anyone who likes to write or would like to have a career which involves writing. In the Winstanley Waffle Magazine you will write articles about College life which will give you the opportunity to develop your writing skills and allow you to work within a team to produce the magazine.

Young Enterprise

Students at Winstanley College can take part in the Young Enterprise scheme. The scheme aims to motivate young people to success in the changing world of work by equipping them with the work skills, knowledge and confidence they need.

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