What is an Apprenticeship?

If you are keen to continue learning, alongside working, then you might consider doing an apprenticeship. An Apprenticeship is a real job with training so you can earn while you learn and pick up recognised qualifications as you go. If you live in England and are over 16 you can apply. They take between one and five years to complete and cover more than 1,500 job roles in a wide range of industries, from areas such as engineering to financial advice, veterinary nursing to accountancy, policing to cybersecurity. In recent years there has been significant growth in Degree Level Apprenticeships in a whole range of specialisms such as Web Developer, Trainee Solicitor, Management, Construction Site Management, Aeronautical Engineering, Software Engineering and many more.

Competition for opportunities like these is tough and you are advised to take up enrichment activities that will help you demonstrate the competencies employers are looking for such as leadership, team working, problem-solving and IT skills.  Employability skills are crucial to be able to demonstrate during selection. 

Develop your Employability Skills

There are lots of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. You can earn while you learn, and learn in a way that is best suited to you; through hands-on experience on-the-job.

Key benefits of being an apprentice include:

  •     Earning a salary
  •     Getting paid holidays
  •     Receiving free training
  •     Gaining nationally recognised qualifications for the job role
  •     Learning job-specific skills

We encourage all our students to look carefully at apprenticeships and employment opportunities.  Increasingly apprenticeships can offer excellent training on the job.  At the same time, they receive a wage and often at the end of the apprenticeship they may be given the opportunity if they choose to convert to a degree course. There are also good employment prospects available which offer good career prospects and excellent training.

To support students considering applying for an apprenticeship we offer lunchtime workshops to help them find vacancies, offer support completing the application forms and will also arrange a mock interview if they wish.

For more information and advice please contact the careers team using the form below.

For more information on the benefits of doing an apprenticeship, please visit: 

Degree apprenticeships | website

Government Apprenticeships Website

Types of Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are available in all sectors and industries throughout England. There are more than 280 different types of Apprenticeships available offering over 1,500 job roles, in a range of industry sectors, including things like accountancy healthcare, engineering, leisure and tourism, information technology and retail.

They generally fall into one of these categories:

  • Intermediate Level Apprenticeships (Level 2) with some GCSE passes
  • Advanced Level Apprenticeships (Level 3) with 4 GCSE passes
  • Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4) with a Level 3 qualification
  • Degree Level apprenticeships (and beyond) Level 6/7 with good/very good Level 3 qualifications
  • School Leaver programmes (aimed at 18-year-olds with A levels leading to professional qualifications up to postgraduate level) 

When you leave Winstanley, you will already have achieved Level 3 qualifications with ‘A’ Levels/BTEC Level 3 diplomas).

Search for Degree and Higher-Level apprenticeships.

More information on the different types you can apply for is available at:Types of Apprenticeships

How to Apply

The steps you need to take for applying for an apprenticeship are slightly different from other jobs. The apprenticeship website that allows you to search, view and apply for Apprenticeships online can be found here: 

How to Apply

Not all apprenticeship vacancies are advertised on the Government website. Large employers will often use their own Careers section on their website. Please also visit RateMyApprenticeship for further information and opportunities.


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