IT Extended Certificate and Diploma

The use of computers to make our interactions more efficient or rewarding 

Why study IT? 

The course has been designed to cover predominant themes in the IT industry. Students have the chance to study a range of topics, develop excellent practical skills and be ready to progress to either industry or university.  

What will I study?

Extended Certificate in IT (one A-level equivalent) and Diploma in IT (two A-Level equivalent).

All students will initially work towards a four-unit extended certificate qualification. This will be achieved in the first year for diploma students.  

Extended Certificate in IT units: 

  • IT systems (EX 33%) 
  • Creating systems to manage information (CA 25%) 
  • Using social media in business (INT 25%) 
  • Website development (INT 17%) 

Extra units will be offered to allow you to study the Diploma in IT which consists of 8 units. The units chosen could support a particular path such as cybersecurity and programming or creative and games design. 

Diploma in IT units:

  • Programming (INT 25%) 
  • Cybersecurity and incident management (CA 33%) 
  • IT project management (INT 25%) 

Additional diploma units (1 from) (INT 17%) 

  • Computer games development
  • mobile apps development
  • IT technical support and management
  • software testing
  • programming
  • digital 2D and 3D graphics
  • digital animation and effects

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?

Pearson BTEC.

Each of the units above are assessed using either:

(INT) College-based tasks.

(CA) Practical tasks in time-based, controlled exam conditions. 

(EX) Written answers to theory questions in exam conditions. 

Where could it take me?

A student studying IT will leave Winstanley College with a breadth of subject knowledge, able to follow a path in whichever area they have particularly enjoyed, moving on to either employment, apprenticeship or degree-level study. This could be a traditional route of computer science or software development, or a more recent growth area such as cyber security, web design or social media.  

Subject combinations

IT combines well with Business Studies, Graphics, Media Studies and Music Technology. 

What support is available?

IT students are welcome to use any of our computers at any time. Drop-in sessions are also available whereby teachers and student mentors can assist with aspects of the course.  

We provide resources which can be accessed 24/7 to help you to study at any time and maximise your potential in the subject including lesson content, practice exam questions (by topic) and tutorial videos. 

We also work closely with our colleagues across college to provide additional learning support as appropriate. Please let us know if there is something that we can do to make the course more accessible. 

What extracurricular activity is available?

Our academy provides opportunities for our students to learn new skills and cover content which may not be part of the curriculum. The weekly competitions, guest speakers and activities will enhance your overall employability skills and enjoyment of the subject. 

Did you know?

80% of our students achieved the top grade of a Distinction*.