We are Winstanley

Louis Odger

I enjoy that you can learn but have fun at the same time. I really enjoyed the trip to Shrewsbury prison where we learnt about life as a prisoner and a prison guard.

Tajah Ashton

I enjoy business as it is such a vast subject. I particularly like the modular set up of the diploma and being assessed as I go along.

Shaun Taylor

I have enjoyed the independence and maturity placed onto us to be responsible for our own tasks and to be as creative as possible.

Holly Williams

I enjoy health studies because we learn in detail about the body as well as different aspects of health within social care and child care settings.

Ben Lomas

I have loved that History has enabled me to engage with chronologies and themes that I have not studied before, and learning in a supportive and interesting environment has been great.

Siena Choi

I enjoy the practical elements of the course as it allows us to apply our knowledge from the classroom to the lab.