We are Winstanley

James O'Neill

Winstanley helps you to think big and achieve your aspirations

Sayi Ferreira-Kikadidi

After college, I hope to attend Drama school and complete my Bachelor of Arts Degree in acting as I wish to pursue a career in acting in the future.

Harry Crann

I would advise that students choose subjects which they derive great interest out of

Grace Rowley

I attended an open evening and knew that it was for me as the college was so welcoming and open to any types of personality! I really feel that I have grown as a person since joining Winstanley

Drew Bowers

The abundance of support shown by teachers and academically, the high grades achieved from the college.

Esther Gonzalez-Dominquez

It’s a college with such a huge variety of people and so many opportunities. The facilities are all very modern, accessible and lots of students achieve excellent grades.