We are Winstanley

Dylan Osman

I find the geography course fascinating due to the rich variety in physical and human content, as no two lessons are the same! It really provides a deeper understanding of the earth and how it works on both social and scientific contexts, whilst developing many skills which are transferable to

Deeya Sharma

My favourite thing about further maths is how it’s completely different to any style of maths I’ve ever done before. Each lesson is a new challenge, and this makes further maths one of the most demanding yet rewarding A-levels to do.  Next year I hope to be applying for a mathematics degree at top R

Will Crump

I love the creativity of the subjects I have chosen and the opportunity to express myself.  There is freedom in these courses to explore the subjects as you work on coursework and evidence your learning along the way.  When I finish, I plan to study music further at the BIMM Institute in Manchester.

Beth Tosh

I love the fact that in art, you get to work with a variety of skills and materials so there is something for everyone.

Vijay Lad

Doing chemistry at A-level allowed me to understand the questions I never had answered at GCSE. It is a subject that draws on a variety of skills ranging from mathematical understanding, abstract thinking and practical aspects, which is why I particularly enjoy it. I hope to pursue medicine at unive

Seren Sackville-Jones

English Language and Literature is an amazing course that covers and combines so many aspects of English together. The texts we study are really engaging and interesting, and still extremely relevant today.  I have particularly enjoyed being introduced to the variety of sociolinguistics theories cov