Harry Crann

Have you any advice you would give to help students choose their subjects?

I would advise that students choose subjects which they derive great interest out of, but it is equally as crucial to understand the bigger picture and consider their future career paths to higher education or the workplace. For me, History has always been something I have had a deep boundless passion for thus it was crystal clear that that was what I had to do. However, I had never previously studied Politics or Law, but after having researched the courses at college and entry requirements for universities, I knew they were going to be not only necessary but also thoroughly enjoyable.


Have you any career plans or offers from universities next year?

After finishing college, I plan on continuing to study a combination of History & Politics through higher education at university.


What factors made you decide to come to Winstanley?

The determining factor as to why I chose to study at Winstanley is its outstanding reputation of which it absolutely lives up to!