Sayi Ferreira-Kikadidi


Theatre Studies, English Language and Psychology

Former School

Hawkley Hall High School

Have you any advice you would give to help students choose their subjects?

When making your decision, always remember that it’s great to ask for advice, however this decision is extremely personal to you and so make sure to choose subjects that you think you’ll really enjoy without worrying too much about what your friends are doing or others opinions. Ultimately, you’re the one completing these A-levels and so you want to make sure that you choose subjects that spark your interests and will motivate you to work hard! If you are struggling to make that final decision, be sure to read about the courses that you’re interested in on the Winstanley College website and attend all the year 11 events possible.

Have you been involved in any sport, drama, concerts, student council or other college events? 

At the start of the year, I was involved in the Theatre department’s enrichment activity in which I and a few other students recorded a ‘Christmas Story’ in media to be shown to children in primary schools. This was a really fun and enjoyable experience, especially because we have access to professional recording equipment in Winstanley’s media. I was also able to take part in a live-streamed concert held and organised by Winstanley’s Music Performance students. Additionally, I am part of the Debate Society and BAME society.

Have you any career plans or offers from universities next year?

After college, I hope to attend Drama school and complete my Bachelor of Arts degree in acting as I wish to pursue a career in acting in the future.

What factors made you decide to come to Winstanley?

Obviously, Winstanley College has an outstanding reputation but the ultimate deciding factor for me was the dedication I witnessed to ensure that students at Winstanley College get the best out of their time here and the fact that we are given plenty of independence and responsibility whilst also being supported and checked on regularly. I also appreciate the many and diverse clubs and societies Winstanley has to offer, ensuring that students here feel safe and included.