Library FAQs

What are the Library hours?

Library hours are Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30

How do I become a member?

You automatically become a member of the library when you join college.

What do I need to borrow items from the Library?

Your college student card is required to borrow items from the Library.

You are responsible for anything issued on your card so please do not borrow books for anyone else on your card.

How many items may I borrow?

You may borrow up to 6 items. (An exception is made for ART FOUNDATION students who may borrow up to 15 items.)

How long can I borrow Library items?

Books– 2 weeks and then they can be renewed as long as nobody else has requested them.


How do I renew my Library items?

You can bring your items in to the Library desk to be renewed, or you may renew via an email to

you can also use that mycirqa app 


Please note that we can only renew items provided the item is not needed by another student.

The maximum number of times you may renew an item without bringing it in to the Library desk is three times.  You must then bring in the item to the Library desk for any further renewals.

Does the Library have a photocopier?

Yes, the Library has a coin operated photocopier located to the right of the library front doors. The cost is 5p per A4 or A3 copy, and copies may be enlarged or reduced in size.  Please ask for help at the Library desk if required.

What kind of study facilities does the Library have?

 Two silent study areas upstairs - one large area with computers and desks and one smaller area with just desks, the silent study stairs. Downstairs area for study support students.

Does the Library have computer areas?

There are currently three IT areas.

The first is the Library IT Area located to your left upon entering the Library. There are 32 networked PCs, a colour printer, a black and white printer, and a scanner available for student use.

The second IT area is located on A Corridor and is referred to as the  “Library Drop-In Centre” .  There are a further 80 networked PCs, a scanner,  two colour printers offering A4 and A3 printouts, and two black and white printers.  Please note that this room closes at 4:00 everyday.

The third IT area is located on A corridor across the hall from the Library Drop-In Centre and is known as the Islands. There are 60 networked computers, 2 scanners, a colour and a black and white printer.

Help! I cannot find the book I need

All the bays in the Library are clearly labelled with the subjects shelved in that area. Take the time to familiarise yourself with our floor plan. Alternatively, do not hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Can I eat or drink in the Library?

We ask that you do not eat in either the Library or our IT areas. Bottled water is permitted.

What if there is a firedrill?

Should the alarm sound, follow the instructions given by the library staff.

Contact the Library team

Contact the Library team
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