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Art, Craft and Design

Realise your creative potential on our diverse Art, Craft and Design course at Winstanley College.

Why study Art, Craft and Design?

Are you an all-round student who enjoys many aspects of Art, Craft and Design practice and would like to pursue a varied course? Are you a student who is already focused on a specific pathway? If so then this is the course for you.

You will be introduced to a wide range of exciting drawing techniques designed to give you confidence and build up your skills. You will also be able to opt into a series of workshops in drawing, printmaking, 3D techniques, colour, paint and digital media that will help to extend your skills, enrich your creativity and discover where your strengths and interests lie.

2021 Exhibition

What will I study?

The course provides a stimulating and creative environment, giving you the opportunity to develop and understand a broad range of art activities. You will be taught in a high spec designated studio with access to everything from VR technology to the newly refurbished 3D workshop. You will work towards an exhibition of work at the end of your second year which always highlights the talent, individual personalities, and wide-ranging interests of our young creatives.

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?

EDUQAS (WJEC) coursework

Component 1 – Personal investigation (60%).

Component 2 – Externally set assignment (40%).

Internally marked and externally moderated.

Where could it take me?

A popular route to university or the workplace for our A-level students is via our thriving Art Foundation course. Many prestigious art institutions require students to have completed Art Foundation. We welcome students whose aspirations may lie in industries as diverse as fine art, architecture, illustration, animation, games design, fashion, product design or sculpture.

Subject combinations

Creative courses can be studied alongside any combination of courses. Most popular are Graphics, Photography, Textiles, any English course, Psychology, Sociology, IT, Media, Performing Arts courses, Maths and Physics with architecture in mind.

What support is available?

When you enrol we will make sure that you are receiving all the support you need, such as extra time in your exams, help with written analysis/annotation or practical support from our two specialist Art Technicians. Studios are always available in your independent study time. If you are keen to pursue a creative future, you will receive help with choosing which university and which course is right for you.

What extracurricular activities are available?

In recent years students have enjoyed reference gathering trips to, Morocco, Berlin, Madrid, London, Liverpool, and Manchester. Throughout the year and across the courses and disciplines there are opportunities to enter internal and external competitions and live briefs. At the end of the second year you also have the chance to present your highly creative and individual work in a summer exhibition.

Did you know?

58% of Winstanley College Art, Craft and Design students achieve A*-A grade. 

Approximately 1 in 5 art students across the department take our Art Foundation route to top universities or the workplace.