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Business Studies

The study of business activity, functions and strategy.

Why study Business Studies?

Want a relevant and interesting experience?  If you do, then A-level Business Studies at Winstanley College is for you. You will be equipped with an understanding of the business world, where you are likely to spend your working life. The course will provide an intelligent, flexible way of thinking with the application of your learning of problem-solving and decision-making in business contexts: think of it as the start of your management training.  You will start your studies in the first year by focusing on the skills and characteristics entrepreneurs need when setting up their own business and will develop your knowledge of marketing, finance, operations and human resources before looking at how businesses gain a competitive advantage and compete globally in the second year.

What will I study?

Decision-making is a key theme throughout the course. Business Studies is about making strategic decisions to enhance competitiveness and is studied through four main themes:

  • Marketing and people
  • Managing business activities
  • Business decisions and strategy
  • Global business

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


Three 2-hour exams at the end of the second year.

Where could it take me?

Business will support you into employment or university. Many students go on to study business-related courses at university including business management, human resources, accountancy and finance and marketing. The course leads to careers in international business, managing a practice, engineering project management, leisure management, accounting, actuarial science, marketing and media.  If you are considering employment after your A-levels, then business will help you gain apprenticeships and sponsored degrees. We also offer students the opportunity to work with local and national businesses to solve their specific problems and implement strategies.

Subject combinations

Business goes well with any other course option including Economics as they are quite distinctive.

What support is available?

As a department we offer continual support to our students, whether it is highly specialised exam support, answer structure or application.

We strive to ensure that all students reach their full potential and staff are always available should you need additional help or support.

What extracurricular activities are available?

The wide variety of activities include the opportunity to continue our tradition of success in the nationally recognised Young Enterprise Company Programme. There are also a large number of external talks from local business owners, university lecturers to past students who now work for large multinational businesses focused on topics such as franchising, setting up a business and management accounting. A competitive spirit is also encouraged through the Student Investor Stock Market Challenge.

To gain first-hand experience of real-world businesses, recent trips have been made to London, the Port of Liverpool, Patak’s, Bank of England, Warburton’s, Jaguar Land Rover and Amazon.

Did you know?

The majority of business students go on to study at their first-choice Russell Group university.

Over half of all students taking A-level Business Studies achieve A*-B grades.