Computer Science

The study of algorithms, machines and computation.

Why study Computer Science?

Computer Science offers you the opportunity to study an exciting and ever-changing STEM subject. Students looking for a career in technology need to have skills that are currently in-demand by employers and we will assist you by teaching Java, a language commonly used across the UK by high-profile universities and software houses. Studying Computer Science will require you to think logically to analyse problems and gain experience of developing software solutions. You will also develop practical skills by designing, developing and testing your own software.

What will I study?

You will study architecture, communication and applications including: hardware, networks, datatransmission, data representation, operating systems and data security. You will also be able to discuss the need for software systems and the consequences of computer use on society. You will also study programming and system development including algorithms, principles of programming languages, software engineering and legal aspects of Computer Science. You will design and develop software to solve a range of problems,developing your knowledge of the syntax, the errors which can be produced and how to resolve them.

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


There are two theory exams plus a piece of coursework, incorporating programming, which is worth 20% of the final grade.

Where could it take me?

Our students progress to some of the top Computer Science universities in the country including Warwick, York, Birmingham, Manchester, Lancaster and many more. Degree apprenticeships provide our A-level students with an opportunity to gain experience in employment whilst studying a degree. Students have secured opportunities at BAE, GCHQ, Baxi, BNFL and many more.

Subject combinations

Computer Science students are advised to study A-Level Maths as it is a requirement of many top universities when applying for Computer Science. Many applicants also study another technical/logical subject, due to the similarity in skillset needed.

What support is available?

Computer Science students are welcome to use any of our computers at any time, for example to practice your programming skills. Drop-in sessions are also available whereby teachers and student mentors can assist with both theory and practical aspects of the course via one-to-one’s, group tutorials, revision classes and workshops. We provide resources which can be accessed 24/7 including revision books, practice exam questions and programming books.

What extracurricular activity is available?

Our academy provides opportunities for our students to learn new skills and cover content which may not be part of the curriculum. The weekly competitions, guest speakers and activities will enhance your overall employability skills and enjoyment of the subject.

Did you know?

Winstanley College is the only college in the local area to teach the Java programming language which is most used in industry and higher education.

Over the last 3 years on average 48% of Winstanley College Computer Science students achieved an A* or A grade.