Economics is the study of how societies create wealth and income and some of the unintended consequences in the pursuit of economic growth.

Why study Economics?

Economics is a hugely respected, fast growing course. It is an exciting time to study Economics. Whether you are concerned with global warming or global trade, or the potential impacts of Brexit you can’t get far without knowledge of Economics!

What will I study?

Economics is split into two key areas of study. Microeconomics focuses on markets and market failure and macroeconomics focusses on national and global economies. The course is split into four themes:

  • Markets and market failure
  • The UK economy–performance and policies
  • Business behaviour and labour markets
  • A global perspective

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


Three 2-hour exams at the end of the second year.

Where could it take me?

Many students go on to take Economics and business-related degrees at university. We have close links with Russell Group universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, LSE, Manchester and Warwick. We have alumni in a range of different careers from the Bank of England to Investment Banks who offer advice for students. A large number of students have successfully secured apprenticeships in a number of prestigious organisations such as KPMG, PWC, BAE systems and MBDA.

Subject combinations

Economics goes well with all English courses, Politics, History, Law, Business Studies, Geography, Philosophy, Maths and the sciences. International economics courses are growing in popularity so they can be studied alongside languages.

What support is available?

As a department we offer continual support to our students, whether it is highly specialised exam support, answer structure or a university application. If you need a little extra help, we offer daily drop in tutorials so you can discuss any problems you may be having.

What extracurricular activity is available?

To gain first-hand experience of real-world businesses, recent trips have been made to London, the Port of Liverpool, Patak’s, Bank of England, Warburton’s, Jaguar Land Rover and Amazon. The wide variety of activities include the opportunity to continue our tradition of success in the nationally recognised Young Enterprise Company Programme. There are also a large number of external talks from local business owners, university lecturers and past students who now work for large multinational businesses focused on topics such as franchising, setting up a business and management accounting. A competitive spirit is also encouraged through the Student Investor Stock Market Challenge.

Did you know?

We have close links with Manchester University who offer an 8-week course in the second year to support Winstanley College students who are considering economics at degree level.

We support students through their Oxbridge application and offer bespoke mock interviews. Last year 2 students were accepted onto economics-related Oxbridge courses.