English Language

The study of English Language in all its forms, written, spoken and online.

Why study English Language?

If you’re fascinated by the power of words, this course has so much to offer. The ability to communicate effectively and be alert to the powerful messages in written and spoken communication is central to success in countless occupations and in life!

What will I study?

It’s a very different course to GCSE. You’ll develop the ability to analyse any kind of text, from the most recent to those from many centuries ago. You’ll explore how babies learnt to speak, and how children learn to read and write. You’ll look at the way factors such as gender, class, age, accent and dialect affect the way we see the world, and the way the world sees us. For coursework, you’ll write two texts of your own, on any topic.

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


There are three exams worth 80% of the overall grade. Your coursework will be worth 20%.

Where could it take me?

By studying English Language you can apply for any English or linguistics based degree. Students also apply for journalism, creative writing, marketing and teaching using their English A-level as a starting point. English Language is also an essential starting point for degrees in speech and language therapy. Our students go on to careers in teaching, politics, publishing, HR, journalism, business and advertising. But we also have former students of the department who are doctors, dentists and vets!

Subject combinations

Students frequently combine English with History, Modern Foreign Languages, Law, Psychology, Sociology, all Art courses, Theatre and Media Studies. But we’ve had many students who have successfully combined English with science A-levels or Maths. The ability to communicate well in speech or writing is central to so many professions - it’s hard to see where English can’t take you.

What support is available?

One to one support is always available. We run revision sessions at lunchtime in the months leading up to exams. Our revision planners will help you organise yourself by giving you specific weekly tasks to target. We have a wide range of resources on paper and online to support your learning and help you manage note-making, new terminology and reading.

What extracurricular activity is available?

We run regular trips to theatres locally and further afield. We’ve visited the British Library and the British Museum in London. We also encourage creative writing through a programme of writing workshops with a range of professional writers. We have a departmental magazine which students write and edit themselves.

Did you know?

Students at Winstanley College regularly achieve 86% A*-B grade for their coursework!