Study of the English Legal System 

Why study Law? 

The law is a set of rules which shapes politics, the economy and society; they are usually enforced through a number of institutions. In this context it is clear that studying A-level Law is not only for the future lawyer! You should certainly be considering Law if you want to study an exciting and challenging subject which is relevant to everyday life.  

It is very rare for any student to have studied law before; therefore, we pride ourselves on our ‘user-friendly’ introduction to the subject which greatly assists a smooth transition from GCSE to A-level. 

What will I study?

The court and appeal systems, lay people, and the legal profession. 

The different types of law and how they are made including acts of parliament, delegated legislation, and judicial precedent. 

Criminal law. An in-depth look at homicide, non-fatal offences, and offences against property and all the defences to these offences. 

The rules of tort, liability in negligence, occupiers’ liability and responsibility of employers and employees. 

The law of contract how they are formed, how they are breached and compensation available if they are breached. 

Investigating and analysing law and morals, law and justice and the extent to which judges create law. 

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


There are three 2-hour exams. 

Where could it take me?

A considerable amount of students who choose A-Level Law do so with the intention of entering into the legal profession, however, it can also lead to exciting careers in the civil service, public administration and management, the police, banking, the armed forces and social work. Those who do wish to pursue the legal path will be well advised about the options of doing either a law degree or another undergraduate degree followed by the conversion course. You will also be fully prepared for a law apprenticeship.  

Subject combinations

Law works well with Politics, Business Studies, History, or any other essay writing subject. Recent Maths & Science students who enjoy Law so much have changed their degree to law. 

What support is available?

Revision sessions every week to help students. Extensive use of the cross-college study support. Students are also supported through LNAT and university applications.  

What extracurricular activity is available?

Visits to the local Crown and Magistrates Courts help students to learn about the court system, whilst there is the Mock Trial competition for any budding barristers. Guest speakers and student-led debates are also frequently arranged in college. For those who are keen on a career in Europe, there is a trip to Paris and Brussels to visit European Institutions, as well as our very popular visit to Washington and New York. Closer to home, there is the chance to visit a local prison and the Houses of Parliament.

Did you know?

Over 40% of Winstanley College Law students go on to study a degree in law or a law related subject at university. 

On average 66% of students achieve A*- B grade over the last 3-years.