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Mathematics Further

Building on A-level Maths and exploring more complex algebra, calculus and applied maths.

Why study Further Maths? 

Further Maths delves into new and challenging abstract concepts. Through this exploration, your deeper conceptual understanding will enable you to smoothly progress onto mathematically rigorous university courses. 

What will I study?

Pure content: 

You will use mathematical argument, language and proof to solve more abstract mathematical problems. In addition to the content of A-level Maths, you will study the concepts of complex numbers, matrices, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations. These topics are used to model a variety of real-world problems which you will explore in great depth. 

Mechanics and statistics: 

You will deepen the understanding gained in the mechanics and statistics content of A-level Maths and learn how to solve problems relating to circular motion, elasticity and energy and how to model with a variety of probability distributions both continuous and discrete. 

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


Three 2-hour papers at the end of the second year which are equally weighted. 

Paper 1 and paper 2 are further pure maths, paper 3 is applied mathematics (mechanics and statistics).

Where could it take me?

Mathematical skills are useful for a variety of careers and degrees. Some of these include science, finance, social science, architecture and many more! Examples of careers that students have embarked on with A-levels in Maths and Further Maths include: pilot, accountant, chemical engineer, actuary, teacher, medical professional, computer programmer, architect, and many more!

Subject combinations

Further Maths must be studied in addition to A-level Maths. Students can then pick one additional subject. Common options are Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. Some students chose to pick a 4th A-level. 

What support is available?

We have a bespoke study room full of resources where you can work independently. There is an also an extensive catalogue of online resources on Kerboodle and MS Teams. 

What extracurricular activity is available?

Winstanley Maths Premiership, UKMT Teams/Individual challenges, LJM Pop Quiz, Making Maths at Manchester, sessions that support applications that require MAT, TMUA or STEP and many more! 

Did you know?

On average 60% of students at Winstanley College who studied A-level Maths achieved an A*or A grade over the last 3 years. 

96% of students who studied A-level Further Maths at Winstanley College achieved a high grade (A*-B) over the last 3 years.