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Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour and is a biological, cognitive and social science. It is the ideal bridging subject between arts and sciences. 

Why study Psychology? 

Psychologists research brain structure and function, memory, thinking and reasoning, and also social factors such as how other people influence us. It develops skills suitable for further study in almost any subject and is highly regarded by universities. 

For most students this will be a brand-new subject and for some they may have studied it at GCSE; either way it is a great subject and a firm favourite amongst students.  

What will I study?

You will consider the nature of, and organisation of human memory systems, the development of attachments in human infants and an understanding of how psychologists conduct their research. You will study how the power of an authority figure and the presence of others affects our behaviour. 

What do psychologists mean by psychological abnormality? You will learn specifically about OCD, phobias and depression as well as how abnormality is explained differently by different psychologists. You will develop an appreciation for how the psychological disorders are treated when the views about how they develop are so different. 

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


There are three 2-hour written exams. 

Where could it take me?

Psychology students go on to study a wide range of psychology-related degrees such as clinical psychology, forensic psychology and educational psychology at the top Russell Group Universities. We have successful alumni working in many careers such as health and social professions, education and business.

Subject combinations

Biology, Applied Science and Physical Education combine well with the science content. All essay-based subjects combine well and content overlaps with Sociology, Criminology, Politics, and Law. 

What support is available?

When you enrol we’ll make sure that you’re receiving all the support you need, for example you may be entitled to extra time in your exams or help organising your time. Tutorials, revision buddies with other students and small group support sessions are well attended. The teachers will endeavour to meet your individual support needs. 

What extracurricular activity is available?

We have had trips to the zoo to look at animal behaviours and had prison and court visits. We invited the True Life Conference to college where students got to meet ex-offenders. 

Recently, we have been to London to attend conferences and visit Bethlem, the site of the one of the oldest mental institutions in the UK. In previous years we have been to Poland, Vienna, NYC, China and San Francisco - maybe you can suggest a new destination! 

Did you know?

Psychology is the most popular essay-based subject at Winstanley College!