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Sociology is the study of how society impacts on the behaviour patterns of social groups. 

Why study Sociology? 

There a lot of different social groups living in society (men, women, rich, poor, young and old). Sociology attempts to understand how these social groups are treated and what inequalities they face. For most students this will be a brand-new subject and for some they may have studied it at GCSE; either way it is a great subject and chance to voice your political opinions. We study lots of topics that really get you to think about people and power in a different way and will certainly question your ideas about why people behave in particular ways in certain situations. 

What will I study?

Families and households 

The role of the family, changes to marriage cohabitation and divorce, family diversity, family policy, conjugal roles, childhood, and demographics. 

Education with theory and methods 

The role of education, class differences in educational achievement, education policy, gender differences in educational achievement and subject choice, and ethnic differences in educational achievement. 

Crime and deviance and theory and methods 

Theories of crime and deviance – what causes crime? Patterns of offending and victimization by class, gender and ethnic group, globalisation and crime, green crime, state crime, the role of punishment, and representations of crime in the media. 


Who owns and controls the media? Globalisation and popular culture, the news as manufactured product, new media, media stereotyping of gendered, class, ethnic, sexual, age and disabled groups, the media, and audience effects. 

Which exam board & how will I be assessed?


There are three 2-hour written exams. 

Where could it take me?

Sociology students go on to study a wide range of degrees. Sociology can be taken at degree level in combination with a wide range of subjects such as psychology, politics, English, economics and more. Students have progressed into careers such as social worker, prison or police officer, education, journalism and nursing. 

Subject combinations

Content overlaps with Psychology and Criminology, all English course, Modern History, Law, Politics, and Media Studies relate well to the course. 

What support is available?

When you enrol we’ll make sure that you’re receiving all the support you need, for example you may be entitled to extra time in your exams or help organising your time. Tutorials, revision buddies with other students and small group support sessions are well attended. The teachers will endeavour to meet your individual support needs. 

What extracurricular activity is available?

As part of the social science department, sociology has enjoyed trips to the Crown Court and to Hindley Young Offenders. Recently students have been to Lancaster University for a taster day and they also took part in the True Life Conference where students get to meet and talk to ex-offenders. 

Did you know?

The most popular subjects studied at university by Winstanley College students are social science-based degrees!